Bikers Have Heart

Bikers Have Heart started in 2002 as a simple poker run to help Lindsey, a young girl who needed surgery to treat a rare brain tumor. The event was such a success, we decided to make it an annual event and changed it from a poker run to our signature Yahtzee Run.

Bikers Have Heart is now a non-profit charity foundation and a tradition in the Rogue Valley. All proceeds raised from the event go directly to kids in Southern california with life threatening illnesses. Riders come from all over the region to support this event which helps kids get the medical treatment they need to survive their illnesses. The event has raised over $200,000 in 15 years and we hope our 16th annual event will be the biggest one yet.

Mark your calendars for the 16th annual
Bikers Have Heart Yahtzee Run.

Saturday May 20, 2017


Logan, our 2015 Bikers Have Heart Kid

Logan just turned one and lives in Talent Oregon. At 6 months of age, Logan started favoring his right leg and showing unusual bruising all over his little body. After testing and hospital stays he was diagnosed with a very rare type of hemophilia. Since this disease has very serious complications, including internal and joint bleeding, Logan has to have infusions twice weekly, as well as other medical treatments. He also recently had surgery at OSHU in Portland to have a port and PICC placed in hopes it will ease the trauma of his infusion treatments. Logan's parents have private insurance that only covers a portion of his costly medical treatments and weekly infusions. Logan will have this disease his entire life and the cost of his treatments will only increase as he grows. We want to make sure Logan continues to get the costly infusions he needs to save his life and help ease the family's financial strain due to Logan's medical condition.

Luke, our 2014 Bikers Have Heart Kid!

Luke was 7 and in 1st grade at Lone Pine Elementary School in Medford. Doctors discovered a subaracnoid cyst next to Luke's brainstem before his first birthday. He has been in and out of hospitals his entire life and has had some very scary, life-threatening experiences, including over 20 brain surgeries. He has a shunt placed next to the cyst in order to allow it to drain properly with a tube running down into his stomach. He is always at risk of the shunt getting infected. If the shunt is slightly out of position in any way, it causes severe headaches for Luke. If the headaches are too bad he will start vomiting. Once that begins, it's an emergency drive or life-flight to a Portland hospital. He is constantly on pain medication for his migraine like headaches which plague him daily. He is sure to have many more brain surgeries in his future and because of the severity of his medical issues, all medical procedures must be done in Portland. Luke's family has private medical insurance that does not cover all of his medical needs or transportation costs. Due to his constant medical attention, the financial strain has been enormous to the family. We want to raise money so Luke can continue to receive the medical attention he needs and relieve the financial stress for his family.

Our 2013 Bikers Have Heart kid, Mateo Lopez.

Two year old, Mateo was born two months ahead of schedule and spent the first eight weeks of his life in the neonatal intensive care unit. Around six months old, Mateo started having life-threatening seizures. Surgery was done to remove Mateo's tonsils and adenoids to aid in his breathing, but shortly after the surgery he developed a very severe case of pneumonia. Mateo has still not recovered from the damage done to his little body and currently requires several machines, including a ventilator, feeding pumps and tanks to help keep him alive. Mateo's needs are so great that he needs to be transported by ambulance for regular doctor appointments as well as travel by air ambulance every 3 months to Portland. We raised money for the family to buy a special van to transport Mateo.

Our 2012 Bikers Have Heart kid, Brittany.

This amazing young woman lost her leg due to complications from a simple flu. After months in the hospital, she worked hard to learn to walk again, only to have her private insurance company deny her claim and make her return her prosthetic leg. We raised the money she needed to get her leg back, so she could walk down the aisle at her wedding.

Our 2011 Bikers Have Heart kids, Spencer & Brycen.

Spencer was stricken with a rare medical condition that affected his ability to walk and a mere three weeks later, his little brother, Brycen, was in an ATV accident while feeding the family's livestock. Both boys were in separate hospitals in Portland, five hours from home. Their family's lives changed forever in just a few short weeks. The money raised helped make sure these incredible boys continued to receive the medical attention they needed.

In 2010, we chose two kids that needed our help.

John had just turned a year old and needed heart surgery to repair a rare heart condition.

Elise was struggling with cancer and constant treatments.

We are happy to report that John had his heart surgery and is now a healthy, happy little boy and Elise is no longer fighting cancer. She is now a cancer survivor!

In 2009, we adopted Ty as our Bikers Have Heart kid.

Ty was legally blind and his family was trying to raise funds to have a special treatment that could restore his eyesight. The money raised helped Ty and his mom travel to China to receive the treatments. We are so proud to say that Ty's eyesight has improved so much that he can now read books and even drive when he turns 16!