About Us

About Us

Everyone who has stopped by the shop knows that the "D" in D&S must stand for Dick Martin, the owner. But his wife, and co-owner, is Marie. And he has three daughters, and no sons.

So, who's the "S"?

The story begins in the late 1960s, when Dick rode his 1959 FL up from San Jose to visit a friend in Talent, Oregon. He fell in love with the Rogue Valley, and ended up buying a house. Then he and Marie worked two jobs, trying to save up enough money to make the move.

They actually saved enough to move and not work for a year so Dick could decide what to do. While he watched the job market, he hung out most days at the local Harley shop.

It was located in a small, cinder-block building in Central Point, and it was owned by Dan Earhart, a big guy who never let his wheelchair get between him and wrenching on a panhead. Dick spent most of his days elbow-deep in grease as well, so after one year, when Dan decided to retire, he decided that Dick should rightfully inherit the business. Dick said he couldn't afford to buy shop, but Dan said that was okay, he'd make him a deal, as long as he never changed the name.

So, it remains D&S, for Dan & Son.

Dick moved the store to Phoenix, a mile from home, in 1974. And Dick and Marie's three daughters grew up polishing chrome, had their own careers, and returned to the family business a few years ago so Mom and Dad could travel for weeks or months at a time on their favorite dresser, a 2009 Screaming Eagle Ultra Classic in Silver and Blue.

In December 2000, D&S moved to its new location, still on South Pacific Highway, just north of the town of Phoenix. The dealership is now 24,000 square feet, with a designer showroom and a territory that ranges 150 miles in any direction, and customers who keep in touch with us from all over the country. If you'd like to be added to our list of favorite people, please sign our guest book and come see us the next time you travel through.

D & S Harley-Davidson
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